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 IMPOSTER: "The Lady Grace/Grania Mountbatten"

She claims that she is Queen of Germany & Queen of Connaught (as Queen as Monarch whenever she is required in those states/countries).  These wide claims are easily proved to be historically and factually incorrect, and it does not take too much research to refute such wild, fanciful and ridiculous claims - 

  • In my view this is the most fanciful and sheer delusional of her many ridiculous claims and if ever there was a point that indicates how bizarre her claims are - this is it!  The Queen of Germany?  Germany’s monarchy was abolished in 1918 following World War I, but the Germany Empire NEVER had a King or a Queen - the last reigning monarch was Kaiser Wilhelm II (1859-1941), who was Emperor of Germany & King of Prussia. The current head of the House of Hohenzollern is the late Kaiser’s great-great grandson - Georg Friedrich Ferdinand Prinz von Preußen (b.1976), who uses the style of His Imperial & Royal Highnesss The Prince of Prussia.  

  • By what right would any child of Major O’Malley and The Lady Iris Mountbatten ever be entitled to make a claim as “Queen of Germany”?  NONE of the Battenberg/Mountbatten family are descended from the  Hohenzollerns and have NO CLAIM whatsoever to either the Imperial Throne of Germany (or the Throne of Prussia), and neither does Major O'Malley. 

  • What exactly does being “Queen as Monarch whenever she is required” mean?  This makes no sense whatsoever!  Is this not enough to put a doubt into her sanity?

  • ​By what right can she claim to be “Queen of Connaught”? Connaught (or Connacht) is one of the Provinces of Ireland. How could she claim this?  The ONLY person who has a right to claim the Throne of this ancient kingdom is Desmond Roderic O’Conor, The O'Conor Don (b.1938), the Chief of the Name of the Clan Ó Conchubhair, titular Prince of Connacht and senior descendant of the last High King of Ireland - Ruaidhrí Ó Conchubhair (1116-1198) who was King of Connacht 1156-1186. She claims that her father is from the "Royal House of O'Malley" and held the Barony of Borrishoole and is a descendant of Grace O'Malley (c.1530– c.1603) who was also known as Gráinne O'Malley (in Irish Gaelic - Gráinne Ní Mháille), chieftain of the Ó Máille clan in the west of Ireland. She was a well-known historical figure in 16th Century Irish history and she is sometimes known as 'The Sea Queen of Connacht'.

She has also claimed (which I find truly distasteful and and shows little respect for the bravery of all those who gave the ultimate sacrifice) that her father was awarded the Victoria Cross (VC) for being a glider pilot at the Battle of Arnhem in 1944.  (1865(1910-1936).


Prince Georg Friedrich, The Prince of Prussia, Head of the House of Hohenzollern (right) with his wife Princess Sophie ​


Prince Georg Friedrich, The Prince of Prussia,

Head of the House of Hohenzollern (right)

with his wife Princess Sophie

Desmond O'Conor, The O'Conor Don ​


Desmond O'Conor,

The O'Conor Don

The insignia of The Victoria Cross (VC) ​


The insignia of The Victoria Cross (VC)

  • O'Malley was NEVER awarded the VC (only 5 were issued for this battle and he was NOT one of them). Recipients of the highest award for gallantry in the face of the enemy are well documented as it is still rarely given.  Even on her own website, she had a copy of her father's obituary (written by one of his fellow officers from the Irish Guards) which oddly makes NO mention of O'Malley being a holder of the Victoria Cross!  Surely the award of a VC would be mentioned in an obituary?  I have checked various registers, sources and websites including the Victoria Cross Trust and The London Gazette, which all have proved unsuccessful.   So I ask - if you can lie about something as easy to verify as a recipient of the Victoria Cross, then this shows the sort of person she is and casts further doubt on her entire credibility. She also claims that O'Malley was also a 'friend' of King George V (1865(1910-1936).