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It is well documented that Mountbatten had a great personal pleasure from accepting honours and decorations, or wearing as many of them as possible at every event and function where appropriate and often when not appropriate.  An example of this was the wedding of Princess Margaret (1930-2002) to Sir Antony Armstrong-Jones, 1st Earl of Snowdon (1930-2017) when he wore full dress uniform of an Admiral, despite all the other guests wearing morning dress.  Frequently Mountbatten would accept foreign honours despite being told by UK Government Ministers not to and he would circumnavigate the usual official channels by going direct to Queen Elizabeth II (1926(1952-    ) rather than taking instructions from bureaucrats within the Foreign & Commonwealth Office.  


Mountbatten's biographer - Philip Zeigler (b.1929) said - "Mountbatten collected decorations as others collect stamps" so it was no surprise when he attended the 1962 wedding of King Juan Carlos I of Spain (b.1938) to Princess Sofia of Greece & Denmark (b.1938) he expressed his pleasure of how bedecked with honours he was, saying - "it was everything and the kitchen stove today. Five British stars, Greek and Spanish stars, the collar of the Garter and three neck decorations." However he said - "I think I've inherited a certain weakness about dressing up.  I come from a long line of dressers-up...  I must confess it entertains me vastly to be dressed up and to have Orders and decorations. Except this: I want to have earned the uniform. I want to have earned the decoration.  And then I'm very pleased to have it."

Although Mountbatten took his honours seriously, he did have a semi-joking rivalry with Field Marshal The Rt Hon Sir Bernard Montgomery, 1st Viscount Montgomery of Alamein (1887-1976). Talking about his own medal ribbons, he once said that Montgomery would count Mountbatten's medals saying - "I don't know whether he thinks I've popped in one or two that I'm not entitled to, but he usually asks whether I've had any more lately" - however Montgomery did indeed have more medal ribbons!  Prior to Mountbatten's death, he personally arranged how his various orders and decorations would be borne in his funeral procession.  As was typical with him - even in death, Mountbatten organised every detail of his own self-importance and self-glorification. 


Mountbatten with Prince Charles, The Prince of Wales

at the Coronation of King Birendra of Nepal in 1975


Mountbatten in the dress uniform

of an Admiral of the Fleet


Shown below are Mountbatten's principal UK honours and decorations, and some of the many foreign honours he received -


Knight Companion

of the Most Noble

Order of the Garter



Knight Grand Cross

(Military Division)

of the Most Honourable

Order of the Bath




(Military Division)

of the Order of Merit




Knight Grand Cross

of the Most Exalted

Order of the Star of India



Knight Grand Cross

of the Most Eminent

Order of the Indian Empire



Knight Grand Cross of

the Royal Victorian Order (G.C.V.O.)


Knight of Justice

of the Most Venerable Order of the Hospital

of St. John of Jerusalem


The Distinguished Service Order (D.S.O.)

& Mountbatten's Campaign, Commemorative & Service Medals - 

including: The British War Medal (WWI), The Victory Medal (WWI), The 1939-1945 Star (WWII),

The Atlantic Star (WWII), The Africa Star (WWII), The Burma Star (WWII), The Italy Star (WWII),

The Defence Medal (WWII), The War Medal 1939-1945 (WWII), The Naval General Service Medal,

The King George V Coronation Medal, The King George V Silver Jubilee Medal, 

The King George VI Coronation Medal, The Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Medal,

The Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee Medal, The Indian Independence Medal,

The Distinguished Service Medal (USA), The Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal (USA),

Croix de Geurre 1939-1945 (France)


Knight Grand Cross

of the Order of

Louis of Hesse



Knight Grand Cross

of the Royal Order of

Isabella the Catholic




War Cross





The Order

of the Nile


United States of America

The Legion of Merit




Knight Grand Cross

of the Royal Order of George I


The Netherlands

Knight Grand Cross

of the Order of

the Netherlands Lion



Knight Grand Cross

of the Military Order of Aviz



Knight of the Royal Order

of the Seraphim



Knight Grand Cross

of the Order of Dannebrog



Grand Cross

of the National Order of

the Legion of Honour



Knight Grand Cross

of the Order of the Crown



Knight Grand Cross

of the Order of

the Seal of Solomon

In Honour Bound

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