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THE  IMPOSTER: "Lady Grace/Grania Mountbatten"
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Our imposter claimed that she was "Queen of Germany & Queen of Connaught (as Queen as Monarch whenever she is required in those states/countries)".  These wide and fanciful claims are easily proved to be historically and factually incorrect, and it does not take too much research to refute such wild and ridiculous claims and show her mindset.

  • In my view this is the most fanciful and sheer delusional of her many ridiculous claims and if ever there was a point that indicates how bizarre her claims were - this is it!  "The Queen of Germany" ?  Germany’s monarchy was abolished in 1918 following World War I and Germany is now a Federal Republic.  The German Empire NEVER had a King or a Queen - the last reigning monarch was Kaiser Wilhelm II (1859-1941), who was Emperor (Kaiser) of Germany & King of Prussia.  The current 'Head of the House of Hohenzollern' is the late Kaiser’s great-great grandson - Georg Friedrich Ferdinand Prinz von Preußen (b.1976), who uses the style of 'His Imperial & Royal Highness The Prince of Prussia'.

Prince Georg Friedrich, The Prince of Prussia, Head of the House of Hohenzollern (right) with his wife Princess Sophie ​

Prince Georg Friedrich,
The Prince of Prussia

& his wife Princess Sophie

  • By what right would any child of Major O’Malley and The Lady Iris Mountbatten ever be entitled to make a claim as "Queen of Germany" ?  NONE of the Battenberg/Mountbatten family are descended from the Hohenzollerns and have NO CLAIM whatsoever to either the Imperial Throne of Germany (or the Throne of Prussia), and neither does Major O'Malley. 

  • What exactly does being "Queen as Monarch whenever she is required" mean?  This makes no sense whatsoever!  Was this not enough to put a doubt into her sanity?

Desmond O'Conor, The O'Conor Don ​

Desmond O'Connor -

'The O'Connor Don'


hamilton's .jpg
  • ​By what right could she claim to be "Queen of Connaught" ? Connaught (or Connacht) is one of the Provinces within the Republic of Ireland (Éire).  The ONLY person who has a right to claim the Throne of this ancient kingdom is Desmond Roderic O’Conor, The O'Conor Don (b.1938), the Chief of the Name of the Clan Ó Conchubhair, titular Prince of Connacht and senior descendant of the last High King of Ireland - Ruaidhrí Ó Conchubhair (1116-1198) who was King of Connacht 1156-1186.  He currently resides in Rotherfield, East Sussex, England.

    She claimed that her father was from the "Royal House of O'Malley" and held the Barony of Borrishoole and was a descendant of Grace O'Malley (c.1530– c.1603), also known as Gráinne O'Malley (in Irish Gaelic - Gráinne Ní Mháille), chieftain of the Ó Máille clan in Mayo, the west of Ireland.  She was a well-known historical figure in 16th Century Irish history and sometimes known as 'The Sea Queen of Connacht'.  The O'Malleys were a great sea-faring family and controlled the waters off the coast of Mayo and charged taxes to those who wished to fish there and she became known as a folklore 'Pirate Queen'.  In addition, she claimed her father was a descendant of Sir Samuel O'Malley, 1st Bt. (1779-1864), who was granted a Baronetcy on 23rd June 1804, but the title became extinct in 1892 upon the death of the 2nd Baronet.  

The Arms of

The O'Malley Family

as used in letterheads by

Major Hamilton O'Malley

​O'Malley used the arms (shown left) attributed to the family.  The motto "TERRA MARIQUE POTENS" - 'powerful by land and sea', following in the tradition of the 'Pirate' Grace O'Malley.

In November 2015, I had the 'pleasure' ??? of an email from our imposter.  In her email, which was full of ramblings, she made the following comments (and I use the EXACT quotes! to show how confused she was!) -  


  • She told that SHE was (apparently?) "the Head of the Mountbatten Family of Carisbrooke of the Isle of Wight" - really?  Does this make any sense at all ???

  • She stated "Lord Louis Mountbatten is the Head of the Mountbatten Family Royal House"- and he “created the Royal House" and that "all Mountbatten Families associate themselves to him one way or another"?  As discussed - more ramblings ???

  • She said that she was "a Princess of Connaught and Princess of Germany and that who she is abroad differs" - more fanciful delusions ???  

  • That I [the webmaster] was "not aware of the 4 Mountbatten families - Mountbatten of Burma (Patricia); Mountbatten of Windsor (Prince Philip); Mountbatten of Carisbrooke (herself) and Mountbatten of Milford Haven (George) and all are heads of their individual family and all members of the House of Mountbatten created by Lord Louis Mountbatten" - make of this what you will - but again, all historically mix-match of drivel ???

  • She personally accused me [the webmaster] of numerous things from harassment to being racist and of lazy research and made vile slurs about myself and members of my family.  When people who know they are in a corner, in my experience, they always resort to personal attacks to try an make themselves the 'victim' ???

  • In her email in November 2015, she threatened me with legal action and ordered that I should remove my comments about her within seven days or she would get the police and her solicitor involved.  I was never arrested or issued with a subpoena to go to Court.  No surprise!  However I told her that I would welcome the opportunity to discuss her comments in a Court of Law.  She NEVER took me to Court and I never heard from her again.

  • To explain her name change, she said that "she reverted to her birth name of Grace (which her mother named her) but her father called her Grania when he took custody of her as a child."  However, despite this, she still signed this email 'Grania' ?  So that says it all... even she didn't even know her own name!!!!!  Clearly she was suffering from a personality disorder ???

So I ask my visitors to make up your own minds.  Clearly any right minded person would think these fanciful and inaccurate statements were from a person who was delusional ?  There were SO many holes in the sad ramblings of this person that I could fill pages and pages of inconsistencies, half-truths and errors in her story.  The respected author and expert on the descendants of Queen Victoria (1819(1837-1901) - Marlene A. Eilers Koenig has led the way in denouncing this person and highlighting her false claims and she herself has also been a target of our imposter's vitriolic ramblings.  

Our imposter wrote several times on my Facebook site and in April 2015 on this website Guestbook exclaiming that she was indeed the daughter of Lady Iris and that Patricia, 2nd Countess Mountbatten of Burma was her cousin etc...  I deleted these comments and blocked her and yet despite her rude and vile personal insults towards me, she had a link to this website on her own fanciful delusional site - odd?  She placed me No.#4 in the so-called 'Lady Grania Mountbatten's list of "Anti-Royalist Trolls" '.  How can I be anti-Royalist?  I'm just anti-people who misuse the good name of Mountbatten and who do not tell the truth! The three people above me on her list were ALL people who denounced her for being the FRAUD she was.  Personally, I found it a disgrace that this so-called "Lady Grania/Grace Mountbatten" continued to use social media and the Internet to peddle her false claims and diminish the good name of 'Mountbatten'. 



The only reason why I have bothered to mention her on my own website is that I found her use of the name 'Mountbatten' distasteful, insulting and did not wish people to fall for her façade of false claims.  Sadly many people fell 'under her spell' - she was convincing and believable until you scratched away at the surface of her delusions. Her website still is online (as of February 2022) and even after death, her ramblings are still online for all to read - so please do not be taken in.  I always thought she needed  professional help not adulation.  

I just leave readers with this last note - as Lady Iris herself said in 1969 of her marriage to O’Malley - “there were no heirs and in a few years, there was no marriage".


Grania O'Malley

R (3)_edited.png

In October 2021, I received news that our imposter had sadly died on 23rd September 2021 in Bath, Somerset, UK.


An obituary announcement was put on the Bournemouth Echo Newspaper website concerning her death, using the name "Grace Mary Beatrice Victoria Mountbatten" - stating that she was the daughter of Lady Iris Mountbatten and Major Hamilton Keyes O'Malley, but there is no mention of the prefix of 'Lady' to her name. 


Click HERE to view the announcement.  

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