8 SEP 2019

 Lord Ivar Mountbatten "castaway" on 'Treasure Island'

Lord Ivar Mountbatten on Treasure Island


Lord Ivar Mountbatten


Lord Ivar Mountbatten (b.1963), the younger son of David, 3rd Marquess of Milford Haven (1919-1970) was one of twelve contestants in the 2019 season of Channel 4's reality TV programme "Treasure Island with Bear Grylls", hosted by former SAS officer, adventurer and survival expert Edward "Bear" Grylls (b.1974).

"Bear" Grylls ​on Treasure Island


"Bear" Grylls

The idea of the show is that the 'islanders' have to survive during the peak of the dry season.  With hot and humid conditions, periods of sunshine and very little rain, the islanders will have to battle temperatures of up to 35oC while often managing cold, uncomfortable nights.  However for the first time,  the islanders had the opportunity to win a share of £100,000.  Over 35 days, bundles of cash were dropped in various locations around the island - those who found the money could keep it to themselves, share it, or give it to another islander or hide it;.  It was left with the islanders to decide what to do with their cash. If an islander left the island for any reason, they were required to hand over their cash and forfeit their right to a prize.


A brief clip from Channel 4's "Treasure Island with Bear Grylls"