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 1946: The Marriage of Patricia Mountbatten

On 26th October 1946, Mountbatten’s eldest daughter - The Hon. Patricia Mountbatten married John, 7th Lord Brabourne (1924-2005) at Romsey Abbey.  Her bridesmaids were her sister Pamela, Princess Margaret (1930-2002), Princess Elizabeth, now Queen Elizabeth II (1926(1952-    ) and Princess Alexandra of Kent (b.1936).  The wedding of his eldest daughter was a typical display of Mountbatten's organisational skills - with him taking personal charge of much of the arrangements.  He was determined that the day would be one to remember as any proud father would. Although this glittering society wedding took place in the presence of King George VI (1895(1936-1952), it was the first time that Princess Elizabeth was seen publicly with Prince Philip of Greece & Denmark - Mountbatten’s nephew, that caught the headlines with talk a pending romance between the Royal cousins.


A short film (limited audio) by Pathé of the wedding of
The Hon. Patricia Mountbatten & John, 7th Lord Brabourne


ABOVE: Patricia following her wedding to

John, 7th Lord Brabourne 

LEFT: (from left to right) King George VI,

Princess Elizabeth (now Queen Elizabeth II),

Princess Margaret, Queen Elizabeth

and Prince Philip of Greece & Denmark

(now The Duke of Edinburgh) 

arrive at the wedding of The Hon. Patricia Mountbatten & John, 7th Lord Brabourne


Patricia & John, 7th Lord Brabourne

following their wedding at Romsey Abbey


The ceremony was conducted by The Most Rev & Rt Hon. Geoffrey Fisher, later Lord Fisher of Lambeth (1887-1972), the Archbishop of Canterbury.  Patricia's dress was designed by Edward Molyneux (1891-1974), the leading society fashion designer and the flowers were arranged by society florist Constance Spry (1886-1960), who also created the flower arrangements for the 1937 wedding of Mountbatten's cousin 'David' - Prince Edward, The Prince of Wales, subsequently King Edward VIII (1894(1936)1972) and later The Duke of Windsor to Mrs Wallis Simpson (1896-1986).  Mountbatten wrote in his diary the following day - "sad without Patricia".  His initial sense of loss was abated when Patricia confirmed that their close relationship would not change now that she was married.  Mountbatten had always been convinced that his new son-in-law was the right man for his daughter and it gave him great comfort to see Patricia and John so happy - a marriage which would last until his death in 2005.


A photograph from the wedding of The Hon. Patricia Mountbatten & John, 7th Lord Brabourne

Upon her marriage, Patricia became styled Lady Brabourne and was known as such until 1979, when she succeeded to her father's Earldom.  As a daughter of a Viscount, she had received the courtesy prefix of Honourable but when she married a Baron she obtained her husband's precedence (which was higher than that of a Viscount's daughter).