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09 JAN 2014


The Hon. Alexandra Knatchbull becomes Patron

The Hon. Alexandra Knatchbull


ABOVE: The Mountbatten School

badge - which is Mountbatten's

personal cypher


The Mountbatten School, Romsey


The Hon. Alexandra Knatchbull (b.1982) - the eldest daughter of Norton, 8th Lord Brabourne (b.1947) has been appointed as the new Patron of Romsey’s Mountbatten School.  

The school was opened by Alexandra’s great-grandfather - Mountbatten (the founding Patron), in 1974 and was built on land previously part of the Broadlands estate.  Miss Knatchbull follows her father who was himself Patron from 1979-2014.  The headteacher commented - “We are grateful to Lord Brabourne for his steadfast support and ongoing interest in the school.  However, it has been necessary for Lord Brabourne to reduce his public commitments.  We are delighted that The Honourable Alexandra Knatchbull has accepted our invitation to become the school’s third patron. We look forward to welcoming her to the school and continuing our close association with the Mountbatten family.” 

The Mountbatten School, Romsey


Mountbatten’s ethos was the pursuit of excellence and this is a key philosophy of the school today.  Since 2011, the School has 'academy status' - being an independent State school, directly funded by the Department of Education. The School adopted Mountbatten’s cypher - 'M of B', encircled by the Most Noble Order of the Garter, surmounted by an Earl’s coronet as the school’s emblem/badge at his personal suggestion and Queen Elizabeth II (1926(1952-    ) gave her personal permission for it to be used in this way.  The School had five houses named after ships within the Royal Navy with a connection to Mountbatten - Daring, Illustrious, Kelly, Lion and Wishart.

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