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 The Lady Pamela Hicks  


Upon her marriage to David Hicks, Pamela became styled The Lady Pamela Hicks.  Pamela and David Hicks had the following children - 


  • Miss Edwina Victoria Louise Brudenell (née Hicks), born 24th December 1961 at King's College Hospital, London


  • Ashley Louis David Hicks, born 18th July 1963 at King's College Hospital, London


  • Miss India Amanda Caroline Hicks, born 5th September 1967  at King's College Hospital, London

David & Pamela ​
Pamela & David's home - The Grove, nr Brightwell Baldwin, South Oxfordshire ​


Pamela & David's home - The Grove, nr Brightwell Baldwin, South Oxfordshire


David & Pamela 
with their

three children - 


baby India

& Ashley



David Hicks


David & Pamela

in evening dress,

with Pamela wearing her mother's tiara

Pamela & David Hicks with their children - Edwina, baby India & Ashley
david hicks

David's interior design career progressed and his clientele were the social elite of the day from aristocrats to media and film celebrities.  He designed the new private apartment at Buckingham Palace for Prince Charles, The Prince of Wales (b.1948) and designed carpets for Windsor Castle. His bold use of colour and geometric shapes became the height of fashion and style and was admired by many and of course copied by other interior designers. He wrote - "his greatest contribution... has been to show people how to use bold color (sic) mixtures, how to use patterned carpets, how to light rooms and how to mix old with new."  David was temperamental, a snob, glorified in his royal connections and was often difficult, argumentative but his genius in design shone through.

Shortly after David and Pamela's marriage, they purchased and 18th Century Georgian manor house - Britwell House, Britwell Salome in South Oxfordshire. David transformed the interiors and used the house to for inspiration and to trial out ideas.  The family lived there until 1979, when they sold the house and contents and moved to The Grove, a smaller house nearby. David spent the last 18yrs of his life developing the gardens, creating new vistas and 'rooms'.

David Hicks


David Hicks

A short film of gardening journalist Rosemary Verey's visit to The Grove

where David Hicks (towards the end of his life) shows her around the garden he designed

David was a chain smoker and following a stroke, he was diagnosed with lung cancer and died on 29th March 1998. Pamela was to comment after his death - "he was an absolute volcano to live with, but so life enhancing."   She said - "I already miss his slamming of doors.  David filled your sails with his enthusiasms. When I met him, I was visually blind, always with my nose in a book.  He opened my eyes."  At his own request, David's coffin lay in his garden pavilion prior to his funeral, which he arranged himself, spelling out the arrangements in a book that he made called “The Demise of David Hicks”.  His coffin (which he designed himself) was made of sycamore and without any handles as they were apparently "frightfully common" and was carried to his final resting place on an ivy-covered trailer attached to his Range Rover.  On his final journey, David was wearing a David Hicks pattern tie, and his pockets were stuffed with his obituaries and press clippings. 


Book cover of Pamela's second volume of memoirs

"Daughter of Empire: Life As A Mountbatten"

RIGHT: A formal photographic portrait

of Pamela in later life

The Lady Pamela Hicks ​


In 2007, Pamela published her memoirs of her days in India with her father and the transition into independence in “India Remembered: A Personal Account of the Mountbattens During the Transfer of Power."  In 2012, she published the second volume of her memoirs titled “Daughter of Empire: Life as a Mountbatten”, chronicling her childhood, more of her time in India, and her time as lady-in-waiting to Queen Elizabeth II (1926(1952-    ).  Pamela has from time to time given interviews about her parents and her first hand memories and insight was used as a major source of inspiration for the 2017 film "The Viceroy's House".

Pamela (who was 90yrs in April 2019) is very a much a private person, despite her royal relations and is in the line of succession to the Throne.  Apart from The Queen, she is the only person alive to witness the events of the day Queen Elizabeth II (1926(1952-    ) was informed of her father's death and her succession to the Throne.  In recent times, she has recalled via the Instagram pages of her daughter - India Hicks (b.1967), numerous tales and stories of her youth, in particular the private "behind close doors" tales of her father - Mountbatten, her mother - Edwina, and her relationship with her cousin Prince Philip, 1st Duke of Edinburgh (1921-2021) and her role as friend, confidante, cousin and lady-in-waiting to The Queen.  As a result, she has acquired a quasi "national treasure" status.