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 The Lady Pamela Hicks  


Following her Royal duties, Pamela subsequently became engaged to David Nightingale Hicks (1929-1998), the son of Herbert Hicks (1863-1940) - a stockbroker.  He graduated at the Central College of Art and whilst drawing cereal boxes for the advertising agency J. Walter Thompson, a glowing article was published in House & Garden in 1954 about the makeover that Hicks had completed on his mother's London home, and his interior design career was launched.  His reputation and career blossomed and his designs were the epitome of jet-set chic in the 1960's.  The restaurateur Peter Evans (1926-2014) said of Hicks - “he was without a doubt a genius.  He would walk into the most shambolic of spaces that I had decided would be a restaurant, a pub or a nightclub and, lighting up a cigarette, would be out of the place within ten minutes, having decided what atmosphere it would generate because of what it would look like.  He always got it spot on.”

On 13th January 1960, Pamela married David Hicks at Romsey Abbey, Hampshire.  According to the New York Times ''…it was the most elegant wedding this country has seen since the Queen, then Princess Elizabeth, was married in Westminster Abbey nearly thirteen years ago.''  It was reported that the bride's mink-trimmed white satin dress was buoyed by a petticoat made of 200 yards of tulle, the wedding cake was baked in the shape of Broadlands.  A memorable moment for a young Prince Charles, The Prince of Wales (b.1948) - then 11, publicly wore his first pair of long trousers!  Mountbatten wrote - “the bride was dressed in white satin, edged with white mink, falling behind her in a shining river” and that there was “hardly room for me (sic. Mountbatten) in the car”.


David Hicks ​


David Hicks


ABOVE: David Hicks & Pamela outside Romsey Abbey

in the snow, following their wedding in 1960


LEFT: A short film (no audio) by Pathé of the wedding

of Pamela & David Hicks

BELOW: A photograph from the wedding

of Pamela & David Hicks - 

David Hicks & Pamela with their bridesmaids (including Princess Anne on the right), and best man - John, 7th Lord Brabourne (far right) ​


David Hicks & Pamela with their bridesmaids

(including Princess Anne on the right),

and best man - John, 7th Lord Brabourne (far right)


Pamela was attended by 5 bridesmaids which included Princess Anne, later The Princess Royal (b.1950) and Princess Clarissa of Hesse (b.1944), the youngest daughter of Princess Sophie of Greece & Denmark, later Princess George William of Hanover (1914-2003) - the sister of Prince Philip, 1st Duke of Edinburgh (1921-2021).  Pamela’s wedding was the last family occasion before the untimely death of Edwina, her mother who died on 21st February 1960 whilst on a tour in North Borneo on behalf of both the St John’s Ambulance Brigade - of which she was its Superintendent-in-Chief, and the Save the Children Fund, of which she was its President.  Pamela was only informed of her mother’s death on her return from her honeymoon.