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 George, 4th Marquess of Milford Haven


George - internet businessman

George married on 20th August 1997 at Coatue Point, Nantucket, Massachusetts, USA - Mrs Clare Husted Wentworth-Stanley (née Steel) (b.1960), the American born daughter of Anthony Nigel Steel (1925-1983) and his wife Mrs Anne Husted (née Reiner) (b.1931).  From her first marriage Clare had three children - James (1985-2006), Harry (b.1989) and Louisa (b.1993).  Sadly in December 2006, her eldest son James took his own life and as a result his parents established 'The James Wentworth-Stanley Memorial Fund' (JWSMF) to raise awareness of anxiety, depression and suicide amongst young people.  Clare works tirelessly for JWSMF alongside her former husband and family.

Like his father, George has a great acumen for business and in 2000 he founded the internet site - uSwitch,  a website which helps consumers compare and change suppliers of various services such as their electricity company.  The company was an instant success, as it gave consumers a greater ability to save themselves money than ever before.  The American media firm EW Scripps bought the company for £210m ($400m) when the company was placed on the market in March 2006.


George with his mother - Janet (left)

and wife - Clare (right) at their

"farewell to Moyns Park" party


A portrait of

George, The Marquess of Milford Haven

by Gillian Erskine-Hill


A portrait of

Clare, The Marchioness of Milford Haven

by Gillian Erskine-Hill

Both George and Clare are leading lights in the polo circuit and they have created one of the largest polo yards in the country which is the base for four high-goal teams including his own Broncos team. Great Trippetts Farm - (a former 1,000 acre diary farm near the Hampshire/West Sussex border) houses 350 ponies and has 26 paddocks for them to exercise and employs up to 70 grooms to care for them.  Their estate has helped boost polo around the country and spread its appeal further afield.  George and Clare have also founded ‘The Trippetts Polo Challenge’ and ‘The James Wentworth-Stanley Memorial Cup’ (in Clare's son's memory) and have become a firm fixture in the polo season.  


Clare & George - at a polo match