Mountbatten Links


The official website of The Broadlands Estate - currently run by Penelope, The Countess Mountbatten of Burma

Nicholas Knatchbull Travel Fund

The Nicholas Knatchbull Travel Fund (previously known as the Nicholas Knatchbull Memorial Fund) was established in the memory of The Nicholas Knatchbull (1964-1979)


John Brabourne Awards (JBA)

A talent development programme providing financial assistance to individuals working behind the scenes in the Film and TV industries in the memory of John Knatchbull, 7th Lord Brabourne (1924-2005) - professionally known as 'John Brabourne'

The Ceremonial Funeral of Lord Mountbatten of Burma

The personal website of FCRS Godfrey Dykes, RN -  the leader of the coffin bearers at the funeral

Princess Patricia's

Canadian Light Infantry


The official website of 'The Patricias' - the regiment of which Patricia, 2nd Countess Mountbatten of Burma (1924-2017) was Colonel-in-Chief 1974-2007

The Countess Mountbatten's Own Legion of Frontiersmen

The official website of battalion of the Legion of Frontiersmen named in honour of Patricia, Countess Mountbatten of Burma (1924-2017), who was the Patron 

The Burma Star Association

The official website of The Burma Star Association, of which Patricia, 2nd Countess Mountbatten of Burma (1924-2017) was the Vice-Patron

India Hicks

The official blog of India Hicks, the youngest daughter of Lady Pamela Hicks and David Hicks

The Hygiene Bank

A charity that believes that everyone deserves to feel clean, and who give hygiene, beauty & personal care essentials to people in need.  Penny Mountbatten (former wife of Lord Ivar Mountbatten) is a Patron

United World Colleges (UWC)

The official website of The United World Colleges, of which Mountbatten was President 1967-1978

Earl Mountbatten Hospice

The official website of the hospice in Newport, on the Isle of Wight, named after Mountbatten in 1982

Mountbatten Hampshire (formerly Countess Mountbatten Hospice)

The official website of the hospice in Southampton, Hampshire founded in 1977, originally named after Edwina

The Mountbatten Archive

The catalogue of the Mountbatten Archive in the University of Southampton

Sir Ernest Cassel Educational Trust

Educational Trust that issues grants for students, founded by Edwina's grandfather - Sir Ernest Cassel (1852-1921) in 1919

Edwina Mountbatten House

The official website of the care home in Romsey, Hampshire, named in honour of Edwina

The James Wentworth-Stanley Memorial Fund (JWSMF)

A fund established in the memory of James Wentworth-Stanley (1985-2006), the son of Clare, The Marchioness of Milford Haven (b.1960) - aimed at preventing suicide, and supporting the bereaved and those affected by suicide

Ashley Hicks

The official website of designer Ashley Hicks, the only son of Lady Pamela Hicks and David Hicks

Bridwell Park

The official website of the Bridwell Park estate - owned by Lord Ivar Mountbatten.  The estate offers facilities for weddings, corporate events, private parties, outdoor activities etc. set in the beautiful Devon countryside

Penny Mountbatten

The official website of Penny Mountbatten (former wife of Lord Ivar Mountbatten)

Personal Links

    The website of our local veterinarian practice (led by “Uncle Richard” MRCVS) - who care for Hamish the



     The website of run by Rev. Shari Grenier


     The official website of Rev. Shari Grenier, Community Catholic Church of Canada

    The website of respected author - Marlene Eilers Koenig, an expect on European Royalty and her books about

     the descendants of Queen Victoria and numerous articles have captivated me