Mountbatten's Birth Certificate



On Mountbatten’s birth certificate, his mother - Princess Louis of Battenburg, formerly Princess Victoria of Hesse & By the Rhine, and later Marchioness of Milford Haven (1863-1950) is shown as 'Victoria Elizabeth Matilda Alberta Mary' but was actually known as 'Victoria Alberta Elisabeth Mathilde Marie'.  As you can see by his birth certificate - originally Mountbatten was to be legally named 'Victor Nicholas Louis Francis' but this was changed after registration to 'Albert Victor Nicholas Louis Francis'. 

Princess Louis of Battenberg (Princess Victoria of Hesse & By the Rhine) with her baby son - Mountbatten ​


Princess Louis of Battenberg (Princess Victoria of Hesse & By the Rhine)

with her baby son - Mountbatten

It was the wish of Queen Victoria (1819(1837-1901) and Prince Albert (1819-1861) that all their descendants bore the names 'Victor/Victoria' or 'Albert/Alberta' within their multiple Christian names and she wrote to her eldest son Prince Albert Edward, The Prince of Wales, later King Edward VII (1841(1901-1910) following the birth of his second son in 1865 - "of course you will add Albert at the end, like your brothers, as you know we [Queen Victoria and The Prince Consort] settled long ago that all dearest Papa's male English descendants should bear that name, to mark our line, just as I wish all the girls to have Victoria after theirs!  I lay great stress on this; and it is done in a great many families."    Despite already having 'Victor' at The Queen’s original request, following the birth of Mountbatten, she then urged The Prince and Princess Louis of Battenberg to add the name 'Albert'.  The Queen also agreed to be the child’s god-mother (almost taking charge personally of the christening despite being 81yrs old, frail, infirm and almost blind).  The child was to be the last child of which she would act as god-mother.  In The Times of 18th July 1900, Mountbatten’s names were officially published with indeed 'Albert' being first (as above), but following the death of The Queen, Mountbatten ended up with the names in the order - 'Louis Francis Albert Victor Nicholas'.



Mountbatten aged 5yrs old