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 Descendants of The Princess of Battenberg


= m =

Prince Alexander

of Hesse & By the Rhine


Countess Julia

VON Hauke

cr. Princess of Battenberg


The Rt Hon. Sir Louis Mountbatten

(Prince Louis of Battenberg)

cr. Marquess of Milford Haven,

Earl of Medina & Viscount Alderney


= m =

Princess Victoria

of Hesse & By the Rhine


Alexander I

Prince of Bulgaria

cr. Count VON Hartenau

(Prince Alexander

of Battenberg)


= m =

Miss Johanna Loisinger



Count VON Hartenau


= m =

Bertha Hussa


The Rt Hon. Lord Louis Mountbatten

(Prince Louis of Battenberg)

cr. Earl Mountbatten of Burma,

Viscount Mountbatten of Burma

& Lord Romsey


= m =

The Hon. Dame Edwina Ashley


= m =

Queen Victoria

Queen of the UK
cr. Empress of India


Prince Albert

of Saxe-Coburg & Gotha

cr. Prince Consort


Prince Henry

of Battenberg


Princess Beatrice

of the UK


= m =

Prince Franz Joseph

of Battenberg


= m =

Princess Anna

of Montenegro

Alexander Mountbatten

(Prince Alexander

of Battenberg)

cr. Marquess of


Earl of Berkhamsted

& Viscount Lanceston


= m =

The Lady Irene



The Lady Iris



= m (2) =

Michael Bryan

Robin Bryan


~ p ~

Louise Houle

Edward Houle



Victoria Eugénie 

of Battenberg


= m =

Alfonso XIII

King of Spain


Infante Juan of Spain

cr. Count of Barcelona


= m =

Princess María

de las Mercedes

of Bourbon-Two Sicilies


King Juan Carlos I

King of Spain


= m =

Princess Sofia

of Greece & Denmark


King Felipe VI

King of Spain


= m =

Miss Letizia Ortiz


Infanta Leonor of Spain

Princess of Asturias


Lord Leopold

(Prince Leopold

of Battenberg


Prince Maurice 

of Battenberg


The arms of


1st Marquess

of Carisbrooke

The arms of

Infante Juan,

Count of Barcelona

The arms of

King Felipe VI of Spain




A simplified genealogical chart showing the descendants of The Princess of Battenberg

through the direct male-line heirs and/or significant dynastic links