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 1979: Ceremonial Funeral

Following Mountbatten’s death, he was granted the rare honour of a Ceremonial Funeral - held at Westminster Abbey, London, on 5th September 1979 which was televised globally. The news of the murder of this retired old sailor affected many, not just in the United Kingdom but throughout the World.  The congregation in Westminster Abbey consisted of Royalty, Service personnel, politicians and statesmen from many nations and the ceremony itself was planned with full Naval precision by the one person who was probably upset that he would not see it - Mountbatten himself.  For the last few years of his life, Mountbatten had personally supervised the plans for his own funeral to the extent that he went into every minutia of the arrangements from whether his coffin would be lead-lined to the size of the cushions which would carry his numerous orders and decorations.  


As Mountbatten held either rank or had some other personal connection with numerous corps in all three branches of HM Armed Forces, he took great pleasure in ensuring they were all involved.  He originally had asked to be buried with his parents at St Mildred's Church at Whippingham on the Isle of Wight, but subsequently changed his mind to Romsey Abbey. The only thing Mountbatten could not plan was the date and the manner of his death.


A British Movietone film (no audio) about Mountbatten's Ceremonial Funeral


Mountbatten's coffin in Westminster Abbey

  "I can't think of a more wonderful

thanksgiving  for the life I have had

than that everyone

should be jolly at my funeral"

Louis, 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma  


Mountbatten's horse "Dolly"

in the funeral possession - 

with his boots reversed in the saddle


Prince Charles, The Prince of Wales reading the lesson

at Mountbatten's ceremonial funeral in Westminster Abbey.  

Queen Elizabeth II and members of the Royal Family are seated (right)

Following the service in Westminster Abbey, Mountbatten's coffin was taken to Waterloo Station on a special train for Romsey.  Mountbatten was subsequently laid to rest (at his own request) during a private family service at Romsey Abbey, Romsey, Hampshire - not far from his beloved home at Broadlands.  

Order of Service at Mountbatten's funeral at Westminster Abbey, London


LEFT: Click left to see the 
Order of Service at Mountbatten's funeral

BELOW: Mountbatten's grave within Romsey Abbey