1960: The Marriage of Pamela Mountbatten


On 13th January 1960, The Mountbattens celebrated the marriage of their youngest daughter - The Lady Pamela Mountbatten, to the designer and interior decorator, David Nightingale Hicks (1929-1998) at Romsey Abbey, where her sister Patricia got married in 1946.  Yet again Mountbatten took control of the arrangements, ensuring that the day was another stylish social event, however the one thing Mountbatten could not control was the weather - as heavy snow had caused some difficulties for all concerned.  Although David Hicks did not have the same social standing of Patricia's groom (who was a Peer), the guests still numbered many of their Royal relations including Prince Philip, 1st Duke of Edinburgh (1921-2021), Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother (1900-2002), Princess Margaret (1930-2002), Princess Alexandra of Kent (b.1936) and Prince Charles, The Prince of Wales (b.1948).  Due to being heavily pregnant with her third child, Queen Elizabeth II (1926(1952-    ) did not attend.  Other famous guests included Douglas Fairbanks Jr (1909-2000) and Sir Malcolm Sargent (1895-1967). 

Princess Anne - a bridesmaid

Pamela - who wore a white satin dress was attended by 5 bridesmaids which included Princess Anne, later The Princess Royal (b.1950) and Princess Clarissa of Hesse (b.1944), the youngest daughter of Princess Sophie of Greece & Denmark, later Princess George William of Hanover (1914-2003) - the sister of Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh (1921-2021).  The best-man was Pamela's brother-in-law - John, 7th Lord Brabourne (1924-2005).

Lady Pamela Hicks following her wedding


A short film (limited audio) by Pathé of the wedding of
The Lady Pamela Mountbatten & David Hicks


ABOVE: Pamela following her wedding to David Hicks

BELOW: Princess Anne, later Princess Royal

- as a bridesmaid at the wedding

David Hicks & Pamela, following their wedding at Romsey Abbey



David Hicks & Pamela

leaving Romsey Abbey

following their wedding

RIGHT: The "Broadlands"

wedding cake

Wedding cake - Pamela Mountbatten to David Hicks


The formal reception was held at Broadlands, with a smaller reception for tenants and staff at Crosfield Hall, Romsey. Following the wedding, Pamela was styled The Lady Pamela Hicks.  At the wedding it was commented by many of Mountbatten's close family that Edwina was looking happy and well, despite her recent health concerns.  However, few knew the truth as in reality, she was far from well.  However after the wedding, Mountbatten did say to Pamela - "Mummy radiated a sort of ethereal beauty and happiness and youth..." but sadly the happiness of this family gathering would soon be cut short. 


BELOW: The wedding of Lady Pamela Mountbatten & David Hicks - Right to left (standing): Mountbatten; Mrs Iris Hicks; David Hicks; Lady Pamela Hicks; Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh; Edwina and John, 7th Lord Brabourne.

Seated: Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon;

Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother; Queen Louise of Sweden; Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent; Princess Alexandra; 

Front row: the bridesmaids, including (far right) - Princess Anne, later The Princess Royal & Prince Charles, The Prince of Wales.

The wedding of Lady Pamela Mountbatten & David Hicks ​