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Admiral of the Fleet The Rt Hon. Lord Louis Mountbatten
1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma




Admiral of the Fleet The Right Honourable Lord Louis 'Dickie' Francis Albert Victor Nicholas Mountbatten, 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma,

1st Viscount Mountbatten of Burma & 1st Lord Romsey,


was born on 25th June 1900 at Frogmore House, near Windsor Castle, Berkshire, England.  His father was an Austrian born Prince from the German House of Battenberg and rose to the top of the British Royal Navy.  His mother was a British born German Princess from the House of Hesse & By the Rhine, a granddaughter of Queen Victoria (1819(1837-1901).  Mountbatten, born a Prince of Battenberg, with the qualification of Serene Highness (HSH), also became an officer in the British Royal Navy and like his father rose to the top of the Service.


Mountbatten was dynastically related to many of the Royal Families of Europe: a second cousin of King Edward VIII 'David', later The Duke of Windsor (1894(1936)1972) and King George VI 'Bertie' (1895(1936-1952); a second cousin once removed of Queen Elizabeth II 'Lilibet' (1926(1952-2022); an uncle of Prince Philip, 1st Duke of Edinburgh (1921-2021); a nephew of Tsarina Alexandra 'Alix' Feodorovna, Empress of Russia (1872-1918); first cousin of Queen Victoria Eugénie 'Ena' of Spain (1887-1969); brother of Queen Louise of Sweden (1889-1965) and great-uncle and "honorary grandfather" to King Charles III (1948(2022-    ).

In 1922, Mountbatten married the socialite heiress - The Hon. Dame Edwina Ashley, a god-daughter of King Edward VII (1840(1901-1910), eldest daughter of politician Lt-Col The Rt Hon. Wilfrid William Ashley, 1st Lord Mount Temple (1867-1939), a former Member of Parliament (MP) and member of the Ashley-Cooper/Palmerston political dynasty; and Miss Amalia Mary Maud 'Maudie' Cassel (1879-1911), the only daughter of the wealthy financier and philanthropist - The Rt Hon. Sir Ernest Cassel (1852-1921).

During World War II, he was Chief of Combined Operations, Supreme Allied Commander South East Asia Command (SACSEAC).  In peacetime, he oversaw the final years of the British Raj as the last Viceroy of India, and was subsequently appointed as the Dominion of India’s first Governor-General.  Following his return to active service in the Royal Navy, he rose to become First Sea Lord - a position held by his father some 40 years earlier, and subsequently served as Chief of the Defence Staff from 1959-1965 (having been appointed an Admiral of the Fleet in 1956).​


On 27th August 1979, a few weeks after his 79th birthday, Mountbatten was pointlessly and callously murdered by the Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA) off the coast of Mullaghmore, Co. Sligo, Ireland, whilst fishing with members of his family on his annual holiday.  Also murdered were: Mountbatten's eldest daughter's 83yr old mother-in-law - Doreen 'Dodo', The Dowager Lady Brabourne (1896-1979), Mountbatten's 14yr old grandson The Hon. Nicholas 'Nicky' Knatchbull (1964-1979) and a young local 15yr old lad acting as a crew member - Paul Maxwell (1964-1979).  Mountbatten received the honour of a Royal Ceremonial Funeral at Westminster Abbey, London and was subsequently buried privately at Romsey Abbey, close to his beloved Hampshire family home - Broadlands.

Despite the passing of over forty years, this futile act of terrorism achieved nothing !!! 

This website has been live since 2006, and I am proud of what I have achieved.  I am always very grateful for the messages, questions and comments I have received.  Over the years, I have expanded this website to include more information about various relatives of Mountbatten & Edwina, and plan to include more in due course.  This is my personal tribute to Mountbatten and I thank you for visiting my website.  My only aim is to keep his memory alive.  He was an extra-ordinary man, controversial to some, but to me - a HERO in every sense of the word.

Thank you for visiting, please add your comments to the GUESTBOOK -

Philip A. Stewart-Johns, MVO


Please note that this website is a personal tribute and memorial to

Admiral of the Fleet The Rt Hon. Lord Louis Mountbatten, 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma (1900-1979)

and therefore NOT in anyway connected to or represent the Mountbatten/Knatchbull family

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